Bartender vs. Mixologist

Bartender vs. Mixologist

Mixologist is to Bartender as Chef is to Cook.”

“Are you a Mixologist or a Bartender?”

The tongue in cheek sassy answer is “some Mixologist’s are just bartenders with business cards.” My approach to this very common question is this: “Mixologist is to Bartender as Chef is to Cook.”

The Chef is charged with combining unique ingredients together to produce a plate that will please guests in the restaurant. The plate must be well presented; the food must be perfectly cooked. The Chef will then share these recipes, presentations and cooking techniques with the cooks. Cooks execute the recipes the Chef created or listed.

Translated the Mixologist shall prepare recipes and menus and the bartenders execute those recipes while tending to the bar. Can both of these characters be the same person? Absolutely, however it should be noted that even a great Mixologist may never be a good bartender.  Not all bartenders, although mixing drinks, are inspired to become Mixologists.  Put me on a busy bar and I’ll take one great bartender over two good mixologists any day.

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