Colorful Cocktails

Colorful Cocktails

Younger craft cocktail consumers, with their social media obsession and the ability to visually share their every move, have presented an interesting predicament for mixologists far and wide. Cocktails can’t just taste great anymore, they have to look great too. Presentation has always been a part of our craft, but in today’s digital world, it has to be a core part of every drink that a great mixologist crafts.

While there are a multitude of ways to present drinks in unique and interesting ways, from garnishes, to foams and flames to intricate glasses, the easiest way I think we often forget, is color! Colorful cocktails aren’t just for the beach anymore, we need to be thinking about ways to add vibrant colors, even in the darkest of bars. Incorporating ingredients or mixers that add pops of color can totally change the complexion of a drink without sacrificing flavor.  

Now, I’m not saying you need to overhaul your bar and make it into a tiki theme. But the next time you have a millennial sitting in your establishment, remember that how your cocktail looks on Instagram or Snapchat might be more valuable to your word of mouth marketing than how tasty your drink actually is.


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